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Service for remote technical support in augmented reality

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Skilar – an out of the box solution for remote support

We provide a service for remote consultations and problem solving

You no longer need to send a highly qualified technician to repair, adjust or inspect the equipment. It is enough for a field worker to put on AR glasses and a specialist from anywhere in the world will provide remote advice to him using the Skilar AR KIT

Feature Highlights

P-a-a-S model

We provide a Kit, App and Service by subscription and eliminate the need to purchase any equipment

Our service

We offer 24/7 technical support, repair and replacement kits under warranty, to ensure that your work is uninterrupted and comfortable

Development team

We are ready to customize the application specifically for your needs, adding special functionality necessary for your industry


Wi-Fi / LTE / 5G

Choice of connection method for convenient and stable operation

App Customization

Our team is ready to create functionality specifically for the customer, for example, set up integration with external and databases


To make work as comfortable as possible we provide AR Glasses and accessories: a smartphone, a battery, a handy waist bag

Technical Support

We provide constant support to our customers and are ready to solve technical issues in a short time. We are always open to any suggestions

QR Scanning

Ability to scan a QR code to write notes, complete a bypass sheet or connect to external applications

Cloud or Industrial Server

Depending on the requirements of the customer, we organize various methods of communication and data storage for the most secure operation



Skilar AR remote support can help in remote adjustment of equipment or repair even with a lack of highly qualified specialists. Companies can quickly solve complex tasks remotely with direct instructions from their specialists


With Skilar AR remote support companies can conduct inspections of work and adjust the process in real time. Technology allows the responsible person to identify problems at an early stage and see the whole picture of what is happening

Oil & Gas

Skilar AR remote support can help in remote adjustment of equipment or repair by creating a bridge between field worker and engineer. Saving system of conference data and notes allows specialists to analyze emergency situations and keep statistics


Skilar AR remote support in addition to the main functionality of remote technical support, has custom functions for scanning QR or bar codes, integration with databases and warehouse navigation system



We select AR KIT parameters according to your business tasks:

  • Suitable AR glasses and SIM
  • Payment plan

Specially for enterprises:

  • Internal data transmission and storage
  • Different access levels

We conduct a detailed briefing for your staff on working with the application and equipment


After the work begins, we provide ongoing technical support for any issues

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If you are already a Skilar Kit user, download the Expert app on your computer or mobile device to stay connected in any situation.

The number of Expert applications is not limited by license.

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